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By Taxi
There are plenty of taxis in Batam but none of them charge using the meter. There is no standard price for the taxis in Batam. The taxi drivers are desperate for customers so you always have the bargaining option. I simply made the price half and sometimes even less. They may ask you about Rp. 100.000 but simply say Rp. 40.000 or Rp. 50.000. and then walk on if they don't agree. they will automatically come to you. In fact I went about 5 places in Batam for about Rp. 200.000. The taxi conditions are not that good so don't expect seat belts and a smooth ride.

Sample fares for reference: Telaga Punggur to Batam Center (Rp. 60.000, 25 min). Nagoya to HarbourBay ferry terminal at Batu Ampar (Rp. 20.000, 8 min). Sekupang to Batam Center (Rp. 50.000).

By Minibus
Fixed route plies between Jodoh and Telaga Punggur (Rp. 3.000 - Rp. 4.000). Sample fares for other destinations are as follows:

Jodoh to Sembulang via Sukajadi Rp. 9.500
Jodoh to Galang Baru via Sukajadi Rp. 12.000
Dapur 12 to Mukakuning Rp. 3.000
Dapur 12 to Jodoh via Sukajadi Rp. 4.000

By Bus & Car   
Recently, Batam local government (known as pemerintah) started a bus service known as "Bus Pilot Project". The blue colour bus plies between Batam Center and Batu Aji for Rp. 3.000. Buy your ticket from the personnel before boarding.
Most hotels run shuttle buses during the day to the ferry ports and to the main shopping mall. It seems that none run a shuttle to airport.
You can hop into a free shuttle bus (yellow in colour) from Megamall Batam Center to the major hotels in Nagoya or Jodoh.

By Car
The Kijang, which is generally everywhere in Indonesia, is strangely absent in Batam. Your hotel may be able to arrange a car and driver for you, but be prepared to pay Rp 1.000.000 or more, which is almost double the rate in Jakarta. 

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