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A nightlife district popular among single expats is Nagoya entertainment district, or just called NED, this compact district is bounded by the Melia Panorama, Goodway and Harmoni hotels. Lucy's Oarhouse is easiest to find, turn left out of the Melia’s front entrance and walk 100m. The famous PP Banana GoGo is upstairs. Rio Rita is over the road. Turn right out Lucy's front door and you can see the Jungle Bar, Classics, Red Cock, Bistro, Ice Pub and Steps Music Lounge.  McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken and several money changers are in the same area.

There are three places for you hanging out or exploring,  before heading back for a good night's sleep :

1.  Karaoke
There are literally hundreds of karaoke bars located in almost every direction of Nagoya. It is very popular with Chinese and Singaporean, so most of the songs are in Chinese with some well-known English songs. Beside a large karaoke hall, many of them also provide private rooms for a group of three-to-eight people or more, an option to avoid bad singers in the open lounge who seem to think they are competing on Pop Idol.

2.  Nightclubs
Nightclubs or discotheques here usually play alternate between techno music and some up-to-date pop. Some places also have live bands, playing English, Indonesian, Chinese, and Singaporean songs. The nightclubs here open from 19:00 onwards and all get busy around midnight and run until 05:00. No strict dress-code although flip-flops are not allowed for clubbers’ own safety.

3.  Massage Parlours
There are many massage centers that are reputable establishments that offer a professional massage service. Then again there are plenty of the dodgy massage parlours  that will give you a massage and depending on the girl, will offer you that happy ending you may want. There are several massage parlors in the bar district behind Harmoni Hotel which do offer the cheaper massage service like this. An hour massage can be as low as 75,000Rp ( about US$8) though the girls will generally ask for another 200,000Rp (about US$22)  for the happy ending or some call it a sensual massage and with most things in Indonesia a bit of bargaining can bring the price down.

ICE PUB Opening its doors in 1997, the Ice Pub has grown from a small newcomer on the party block to its present two-floor, 2,500 sq. feet entertainment venue. Serving customers from every corner of the globe, Ice Pub has become one of Batam Island’s main nightlife attractions offering a variety of pub sports and music entertainment to satisfy a customer’s need. In other words, you haven’t really known Batam if you haven’t gone to the Ice Pub and did the ‘been there, done that, n’ bought the T-shirt’ routine.

A favourite amongst the island’s expat regulars, Ice Pub’s seven meter long bar and its visual dream stock bottle display of the more popular drinks, assures every customer that his or her choice drink is never going to dry up at ICE. Greeting every customer are the pub’s all female bar crew. But be warned, one should not be fooled by smiles of the petite female bartenders as they have been trained to drink you under the bar or beat you in a game of 8-ball pool. Mind you, the pub has witnessed a few male egos being humbled every now and then, but always in good humour.

Music lovers
On the first floor, Ice Pub’s resident spinner, DJ Manto, is there every night playing a mix of past and present hits. The pub’s music selection covers all eras from 50’s Rock n’ Roll, the early rock of Led Zep, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Queen, ACDC, Rolling Stones, Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, to the 80’s Rock groups and latest hits. All these plus an impressive collection of various Australian, US & UK artists, new Country, classic Reggae, Italian, German, French, Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese numbers makes the Ice Pub the Jukebox of Batam, for a night of boogying to retro, reggae and contemporary dance numbers till two in the morning.

Singers 'r' Us
For all who prefer a more calmer party, just move on upstairs, to the pub’s second floor Executive Karaoke Lounge (see photos). The club’s many friendly in-house hostesses will gladly accompany you for a song or two to your request of popular English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese, Filipino and Indonesian numbers.

Games people play
If you’re a player and like to unwind after a hard day, then the Ice Pub’s Dynamo Top Brass American Pool table will be make your night. You don’t even need to bring a challenger as the female bar staff will gladly take you in a friendly game of 8-ball pool.

Girls just wanna have fun
As fun is always the essence of a good night out, then the girls of Ice Pub are positively some of the most cheerful local ladies that you will meet in Batam. Unlike the ‘ladies’ in most karaoke, discos and bars, the ‘night ladies’ of Ice are there of their own accord and are always ready to have a friendly chat or a drink with you. An advantage that the Ice girls possess over most locals is that the ladies speak a reasonable command of english.

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